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Outdoor Baths - Luxurious and Downright SExY!!! by Priyanka ,  May 11, 2013
Forget a quick rinse in an outdoor shower―opt for a long soak under the stars. Turn a private deck into an outdoor bath with a freestanding tub and pedestal sink for the ultimate alfresco experience. A flea-market stool can keep accessories nearby
Idea SpotlightAdd personal style to a claw-foot tub with a colorful hand-painted design. Or use wire and hot glue to frame a mirror with a collection of found driftwood.
World's Steamiest Outdoor ShowersReturn from game viewing in Botswana's Okavango Delta with a private bath for two under the stars. The staff at Sanctuary Baines Camp create a free-standing Botswana-style zinc bath tub lit by candlelit on the private viewing deck of the suites. Mobile canvas screens are placed to ensure complete privacy without obstructing the stunning views from the deck. (Courtesy Sanctuary Baines Camp)
In a mild climate an outdoor bath is not only environmentally sound - (it makes putting the used water on the garden so much easier) - but it is a wonderfully healing experience. The water stays surprisingly warm even in winter. Privacy can be assured by the lavish use of suitable plants. This is what I see when relaxing in my tub on a summer evening
World's Steamiest Outdoor ShowersThere's nothing quite like fresh air and open skies while taking a shower or bath. While most people don't have such luxuries every day, they can enjoy them on vacation at some special resorts.

At the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai private outdoor showers are the perfect way to cool down after a day out in the Hawaiian sun.

World's Steamiest Outdoor ShowersLe Taha'a Island Resort & Spa in French Polynesia prides itself in top-notch cuisine and tailor-made service. It's secluded location makes it the perfect destination for those seeking an idyllic retreat.
Why do we love outdoor showers so much? Is it the little exhibitionist in us all that gets a thrill out of being naked outside? Is it the warm (or cold) air on our skin? Is it the romance? Whatever it is, the outdoor shower has become an icon of the good life. Taking a shower in the great outdoors is sort of like being on permanent vacation. And then there's the outdoor bathtub, which is just straight-up sexy. Luxuriating in a tub of warm water under the stars? The best. To my mind it's even better than the standard hot tub — no chlorine, and you can use shampoo.