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3DR IRIS (915) Quadcopter by Review Summary ,  Jul 29, 2015

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3DR IRIS+ (915) Quadcopter
Report Date: 08/12/2015
Based on 43 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 4.1
Returned or considering to return: 16.3%

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Individual Feature Rating
Flying4.4   average

Quotes from the Reviews - What People Say about:


"Flying with FPV is a very different experience and not recommended by FAA as only control reference i. e. you are supposed to keep quad copter in sight at all times."
"If you're considering a size of copter up, like something that could carry 2 or 3 times 400g that the IRIS+ can do, aside from the 50% ish price increase, consider that a bigger drone will be: harder to transport, cause more damage upon crash, and be louder when flying."
"You can input parameters like latitude on each waypoint, see map as google maps, (Look videos at YouTube, 3dr have some cool tutorials)Now the reason i give 4 stars instead of 5, no matter the good flying, good arrival to my house, is because i had no idea i had to updated my drone and i had like 3 o 4 hours stressed looking for a solution, suppose to be ready to fly drone this steps is not included in the instructions, and the second reason but is not that important, is because my Iris3+ is not compatible with my IPhone6, thats the reason for mission planner i have to use my laptop, eaither way the laptop is fine, but lets admit ir, you look very Pro flying your drone using your Android System."
"before i finally have my Iris3+ working, i went to a friend's house to teach me how to fly with one of his generic drones, so the first time i flow was not my Iris drone, i felt the flying dificult, uncomfortable, it was to sensible the drone for a completely rookie, so a couple of hours later when i flew my Iris, flying with it was incredible, very steady, wind was hard but Iris can hold its position in the air, other drones go with the wind like small paper planesBE CAREFUL: I highly recommend you ask a friend how to fly, practice 10 minutes that will be enought, if i would not do this, im sure i would not even know how to land my drone and probably crashed itMy second tip is fly it first in a big open field, i did crashed my drone in a tree, but thanks godness it was not damagedOK, now im sure lot of the buyers are having the same questions i had, which drone should i buy, why?"
"Flying it manually is also easy and the response to the controller is great"
"This is so easy to fly even for a beginner like me."
"But if you have experience in flying then you will love this model."
"I would recommend you train a bit on flying, but this model has it all."
"The advantage that DJI has is it loads up fast and gets you flying quicker."

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