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SEO Friendly Blogger Templates by Priyanka ,  Mar 1, 2013
Do you want to make your Blogger template SEO friendly but don’t know how the whole thing works? Optimize a blogger template with proper SEO is extremely crucial because it indicates how well your site is being  crawled. On the other hand, Search Engine Optimization doesn’t possess the same significance that it uses to have in the past because now Google’s main priority is quality content. Still, optimizing templates with correct technique will not harm you instead your visitors will enjoy the fruitful changes that you have done in your template. Most of the blogspot users think’s that SEO stands for the number of backlinks but deeply it means how well a certain page is organized with proper attributions i.e. H2 Tags, Permalinks, and etc. If you are trying to make your existing Blogger Template Search engine Friendly, then you have arrived to the correct destination. Today we will discuss how we can optimize our Blogspot Template for Search engines.

1. Adding Proper Meta Description and Keywords Tags in Blogger Template:

Most of the Blogger Templates are designed by unknown designers so it is quite clear that it lacked a lot in SEO. If you have ever edited a Template, then you might have noticed that most of the templates don’t have Meta tags. Though, Meta tags and keywords can be changed with New Search Preference tool but doing things manually has greater significance so, first we have to optimize our Blogger Template with Meta tags.
  • Just Go To Your Site >> Template >> Edit HTML >> Proceed
  • Search For <head> and just bellow it paste the following Code
<meta content='text/html; charset=utf-8' http-equiv='Content-Type'/> <meta content='Your_Site_Description_Here' name='description'/> <meta content='Your_Site_Keywords_Here' name='keywords'/>
  • Replace Your_Site_Description_Here with your site description but make sure it shouldn't exceed 60 characters. Also replace Your_Site_Keywords_Here with 10 to 15 keywords that relates your site niche.
After adding the above Chunk of codes, you have successfully enhanced your SEO. Now when crawlers will crawl your home page they will be able to learn much more about your site because through Meta descriptions and keywords tags, you are giving them brief introduction of your site.

2. Using H2 Tags in Your Blogger Post Title:

H2 tags are of greater significance because these little tags allows search crawler to identify which keyword to rank higher in the Search results. If you have ever noticed that the Tags which are associated with Blogger post titles are mostly H3 tags which certainly drop the worth of a certain keyword so, it is extremely crucial that we utilize H2 Tags in our Blogger Post Titles. To change your existing post title H3 Tags To H2 do as follows.
  • Just Go To >> Template >> Edit HTML >> Proceed
  • Don't forgot to Check/Tick Expand The Widget Box.
  • Now search for the following or similar codes in your template.
<h3 class='post-title'>      <b:if cond=''>        <a expr:href=''><data:post.title/></a>      <b:else/>         <b:if cond='data:post.url'>           <a expr:href='data:post.url'><data:post.title/></a>         <b:else/>           <data:post.title/>         </b:if>      </b:if>       </h3>
  • When you find the above code or a similar one replace it with the following code.
<h2 class='post-title'>      <b:if cond=''>        <a expr:href=''><data:post.title/></a>      <b:else/>         <b:if cond='data:post.url'>           <a expr:href='data:post.url'><data:post.title/></a>         <b:else/>           <data:post.title/>         </b:if>      </b:if>       </h2>Now your H3 Post titles are changes to H2 tags. You have wait around a week till the crawlers update their history, and soon after it you will notice a breeze of traffic flowing all round your site. Remember: Only update your H3 tags if you are not getting sufficient traffic from search engines.

3. Optimizing Blogger Post Titles:

If you Blogger template is not optimized for Proper Post Titles then you might have noticed most of your Posts first shows (YOUR_BLOG_NAME), then it shows (YOUR_POST_NAME) which indicates that your targeted keywords is showing at the end, instead of appearing up front. For Example, on a blog we published a post with Name “This Article is Written By Syed Faizan”  and your blog title is “My Blogger Lab” then it would appear like this in the Google Search engine “My Blogger Lab : This Post is Written By Syed Faizan”. So, it is crucial that you move your Blog Title in the end i.e. “This Article is Written By Syed Faizan - My Blogger Lab”.
  • Go To >> Template >> EDIT HTML >> Proceed
  • Search For  <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> (usually at the top of your template). 
  • When you find it just replace it with the following coding.
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>     <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title>     <b:else/>     <title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>     </b:if>That't it save your template and now your Post titles will show your SITE_NAME at the end of each and every post.
Template Specifications
  • Three Column
  • Cool slider developed from Makfak
  • Ads ready template
  • Cool navigation menus
  • Three column footer
To change the image slider text and the image search for <div id='slider'> on the template and change accordingly.

Mash 2 (Mashable Inspaird) Blogger Template

The Most Beautiful & Seo Optimized TemplateScreen Shoot :-Update: The static page issue has been fixed. Re-download the template file to see the change.Template Features
  • New big size banner at the header with size 728×90
  • Latest post in big size (Inspired from Mashable)
  • Small thumbnails with grabs the image automatically and crops it
  • Cool page navigation to give Mashable feel to the navigation
  • Related post box at the end of every post
Blogger is another biggest blogging platform after WordPress. Many bloggers blogs on Blogger blogspot to make money, sharing experience and so on. For the professional blogging, you must useSEO friendly template which helps you to bring more traffic and more income to your blog. I’ve got some few SEO friendly, adsense ready and professional Blogger templates.And here are they:

Thesis Blogger Template

Thesis Blogger template is the most used template in 2011. Originally, Thesis is WordPress theme and converted to Blogger template by Hack Tutors.Demo | Download

Platinum Blogger Template

Platinum is clean looking Blogger template which can be used for any niche.Demo | Download

Flash News Blogger Template

Flash news contains 2 column and and featured post widget ready on the top. It can be used if you blog is related to technology and news.Demo | Download

Social Eyes Blogger Template

Recently, Hack Tutors released Social Eyes Blogger template which is awesome!Demo | Download

Blogussion Blogger Template

Demo – DownloadBlogussion is originally converted into Blogger template by Suraz from HackTweaks.comThese all Blogger template sare popular and SEO optimized which helps you to get more traffic and visitors to your blog. Surely, your visitors will return back by using such Blogger Templates.
As you all know templates play a major role in the sucess of a blog. There are many things to remember before selecting a template for your blog, Whether it is user-friendly, fast loading, stylish, etc. But there is one more this which you have to add to the above list, i.e whether the template is SEO optimised or not. Selecting a SEO optimised template for your blog is a bonus for you. SEO optimised templates are those templates which are already optimised for SEO, i.e for better crawling of bots and spiders. In simple words SEO optimised templates can help your post get listed in search engines faster, thus increasing the traffic of your blog. Here is the list of top 5 SEO optimised blogger templates that i have selected. They are all free and you can click the name of each to get the demo and download details.

1. Flash News Blogger Template

Flash news blogger template is a wordpress converted template, designed by Anup from HackTutors. The template is a 2 column template with additional features like Featured Post Widget, Automatic Read More Option, Numbered Page Navigation and many more.

2. Madalyn Blogger Template

Madalyn blogger template is a well designed blogger template from PremiumBloggerTemplates. Its basically a magazine styled 2 column template. In addition to that the template is adsense optimised with spaces reserved for ads. The main features are auto read more along with post thumbnail and 4 column footer.

3. Corage - Converted Magazine Style Blogger Template

Corage is a wordpress converted blogger template from CustomBloggerTemplates. The Templates Features Include Top Drop down menu bar, Featured Posts Slider, Fixed Read More with Thumbnails, Numbered Page Navigation and a 4 column footer.

4. Thesis Blogger Template

Thesis blogger template is one among the widely used templates. Thesis is also a wordpress converted blogger template from Anup of HackTutors. Auto read more option with thumbnails, 3 column bottom and numbered page navigation are the main features.

5. Monop Blogger Template

Monop Blogger Template is from SEO specialist Muhammad Ahmedzai of MyBloggerTricks. The template is adsense friendly too with a beautiful red menu bar. 3 column footer, customised comment form and auto read more with thumbnail are the other main features.
This template is created using XML, css3, jquery, javascript, ajax, etc. Seo Optimized SEOJHOL Blogger Template is a premium template worth $199 but as a promotional offer I decided to give it for free for limited time period. SEOJHOL is seo optimized magazine blogger Template with lot of features suits well for any kind of niche blog. In fact this template took me around 7 days to complete and i can say that this is equipped with everything including social share buttons. SEOJHOL is an 2 column template and very easy to customize any element in it. I hoping you like this Seo Optimized SEOJHOL Premium Blogger template. Its come with all major and minor SEO tweaks and it have optimized blog title tag and description tag. There are many features included in this template some of them are listed below. To view preview of this template click below Live Demo link.Live DemoSpecial Features : 
  1. There are many Search Engine Optimization tweaks included in SEOJHOL blogger template.
  2. Added Nofollow tags to labels and comments for better seo results.
  3. This Blogger Template is scripted by using popular Blogger CSS classes and HTML Tags .
  4. This template works with all web browsers which includes Internet Explorer(IE).
  5. It is extremely Optimized, so it is easier for google to get your blog post index in it.
  6. All Images are hosted in Blogger so it performance even better than before.
  7. Nice elegant gree and brown colour it makes the visitor to stay in your site for a very long time thereby increasing the bounce rate of your blog.
  8. Clean nice navigation header menus with picture.
  9. This template pre-loaded with all widgets and plugins that all blogger wanted. Contains attractive Header Adsense AD space, Advance Search box, Subscribe us widget with google+ recommended bix, Split Header, Three Column Footer, Customized Comment Form, Customized Author Comments, Social Share Widget, Related Posts, Reply link, Read More Link, Newer Older Home Links, comment count, Share buttons inside each posts, Well designed sidebar titles, Customized Blockquote, Easy to change and upload background, WordPress style RSS Form etc.
  10. It is extremely fast loading blogger template take a look at this 91% Speed.
  11. You can also add more gadgets see the layout of this template.
  12. And many more.
Preview:Layout :Q. How to get Seo Optimized SEOJHOL Premium Blogger Template ?A. To get this Seo Optimized SEOJHOL Premium Blogger Template, do the following tasks and then template will be delivered to your mail inbox. 1. Like our page on Facebook. 2. Subscribe to our Newsletter. 3. After Doing Above two steps, Add your Email ID in comment box (Enter email like this myname[at]mysite[dot]com to protect your email id to be catch from spam bot.) As soon as your subscription and FB like verified, Template will be delivered to your Email Id.Copyright stuff : This Template is Usually for Premium sale. But i am giving it free and may not be redistributed or republished without having permission from Digital Innovation. Kindly respect the several hours of effort placed in scripting this web template and giving it for free. The template includes a link back to Digital Innovation blog as a attribution. Do not ever try to remove it. Regarding to any infringement I will report that Blog URL to DMCA. The violator will probably be pushed aside as a reader and removed from the subscription list.Configuration for Seo Optimized SEOJHOL Premium Blogger Template/Theme :1. Header Image :     To change header image find and change below code, Header Menu :      To change header menu find below code and change links,  <ul class='container'>3. Page Menu :      To change links of page menu find below code and change links from list menu, <div class='menu-navbar1-container'>4. Reply Comments Configuration:     Find this code and replace with your Blog ID, blogID=xxxxxxxxxxxxx 5. Meta Tag Configuration :     Replace Digital Innovation with your own keyword and description, <META content='Digital Innovation' name='keywords'/> <META content='Digital Innovation' name='description'/>