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Transcend WiFi SD card on Nikon by michael ,  May 26, 2013
Here is little bit of my experience with Nikon D800 (I guess it should work for most Nikon cameras) and Transcend WIFI card. Unfortunately, card manufacturer does not make any effort to give usable instruction to camera owner. The user guide explains just connection to WiFi. Most of negative reviews, I found, based on fact, that there is no explanation for most basic thing: The card is not constantly powered by camera. In standard use mode, camera powers the card only for few seconds when pictures is written to card. Fortunately enough, there is two modes when camera powers the card non-stop:
  • Live view mode
  • Setting C2 "auto meter-off delay" defines in what time the card would lose the power. Set it for "never".    
I made shortcut on D800 "custom" menu for 3 menu settings (which I need to change in order to work with my tablet or phone):
  • Setting C2 "auto meter-off delay" (as I mentioned above). I do not want to keep it in "never" when I do not need WiFi connection. I prefer default of "6 sec" which save a lot of battery juice.
  • Image quality: I usually use RAW, but switch to "RAW+JPEG basic" for transfer to mobile device ( Basic JPEG quality is enough for most of tablet screens and it saves time on transferring image to mobile device.)
  • Secondary slot function: D800 has two slots. I prefer CF card as my primary. When I in "WiFi" mode I switch it to "RAW primary, JPEG secondary". That allows me to put JPEG content on the transcend card and easily switch from image to image.  
I wish I can do one switch for those 3 setting, but even this way it takes me few second to prepare camera for "WiFi" mode. Overall, the card is fantastic for portrait photography and macro, but I believe, it is many other interesting use cases...