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Greatest Sports Photos of all Time by Priyanka ,  Feb 23, 2013

Whether you’re a sport addict that can’t go a single day without a testosterone update or you’re more of a passing voyeur to it all. There’s no denying the beauty and power of great sport photography.

Sports Illustrated recently compiled a list of the greatest images of all time to grace modern society, from the genuinely inspirational and awe inspiring to the more quieter serene, calms before the storm.

Fourth period History was a class rarely enjoyed by drooling teenagers too busy scribbling their crush's names into desks to embrace a high school education. But when it comes to sports, these same dudes are furiously jotting down the past into their notebooks so they never forget a moment.

As we prepare to trace the past and present of elite athletics, the art of sports photography must be the main focus. A picture truly is worth a thousand words.

Even if you're not a huge sports guy (I'm not), anyone can appreciate watching athletes do what they do best.

Like many types of photojournalism, sports photography is a field all it's own, focusing not just on composition and exposure, nor just capturing the action, but capturing that single moment that defines an entire event, season, or even athlete. Stunning.

We have some great Gazette photographers who have taken many memorable sports photos over the years, including the one above taken by John Mahoney of Patrick Roy after the Canadiens’ last Stanley Cup victory in 1993.

And as a longtime subscriber to Sports Illustrated, I have always enjoyed the photographs (as well as the great writing) in that magazine.

The Sports Illustrated editors recently looked at the thousands of photographs that have appeared in the magazine and elsewhere over the years and came up with their choices for the 100 Greatest Sports Photos of All Time.

Sports Illustrated’s 100 Greatest Sports Photos of All Time celebrates sports like only they can, displaying amazing pictures that managed to capture the essence of sports and the athletic spirit.

With this though in mind, I guess that Sports Illustrated’s 100 Greatest Sports Photos of All Time is equivalent to a 100,000 words worth of an article, dedicated to glorifying sportsmanship and perpetuation of cultural heroes and icons. On this awesome Sports Illustrated project you will not only find icons such as Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, but also some breath taking fragments of sports moments such as Greg Olson’s ‘headstand’ photo, Matthias Steiner’s unfortunate weight lift attempt, Referee Jack Vaughn’s gaze into the limbo, Etc.

As an enthusiastic sports fan, and I do mean ‘sports’ and not just one segment of it, I personally appreciate this project deeply. I truly believe that sports is beyond scores and statistics, the athletic spirit is something that is not measurable and the photos selected by the Sports Illustrated team manage to capture this elusive spirit. Without further ado, feast your eyes with these amazing sports moments, curated by guys who knows photos, and understand sports.