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Most Expensive Homes in the World by Priyanka ,  Jun 22, 2013

Most of us will never get to live in an expensive, multi-million dollar house. Still, there’s a certain degree of delight and excitement that we feel in ogling the mansions, palaces, and penthouses owned by the fabulously rich.

Many of the world’s priciest private real estate properties feature gorgeous (and sometimes tacky) architecture, state-of-the-art amenities, and a name – you know a house is badass when it has its own name. To further whet your imagination, here’s a list of ten of the world’s most expensive houses.

Updown Court – $55 Million

Updown Court is a Californian style residence situated in the village of Windlesham in Surrey, England. The 103-room mansion has 58 acres of landscaped gardens and private woodland
  1. The Spelling Mansion – $85 Million

The Manor is a French chateau-style mansion with 123 rooms and 56,000 square feet (5,200 m2) of space on more than 4.6 acres (1.9 ha). It is the largest home in Los Angeles County. Aaron Spelling – widely known as the television producer of series including Dynasty, Charlie's Angels, The Love Boat, Beverly Hills, 90210, and Charmed – built The Manor as his private residence.
Fleur De Lys Beverly Hills – $125 Million

What has been called the most beautiful estate in America is also the most patient: owner Suzanne Saperstein has had this mind-boggling mansion on the block since 2007 and the price has not come down a cent from $125 million. It has 12-bedrroms and 15-baths, plus a guest house, on 5-gated Beverly Hills acres, but it is not the size, a whopping 35,000+ square feet that impresses, it is the building itself, a European-style palace fit for royalty with marble walls and limestone floors and plenty of gold embossing everywhere. Besides a 50-seat theater (not home theater), there are dual kitchens, a ballroom, gym, pool house, and much more.
Hala Ranch Aspen $135 Million

The Hala Ranch is a 95-acre (380,000 m2) estate located just north of Aspen, Colorado, originally purchased and given its name by Prince Bandar bin Sultan. The main house on the property was designed by the architectural firm of Hagman Yaw and built by Hansen Construction of Aspen, Colorado, in 1991. The estate has been ranked by Forbes magazine as the most expensive home in the United States, listed at $135 million.The home is 56,000 square feet (5,200 m2) and is currently the third most expensive home on the market in the United States
The estate has its own wastewater treatment plant and a mechanical shop with its own gasoline pumps and car wash. Cross-country ski trails are maintained throughout the property. The centerpiece lodge of the estate is larger than the White House. It is built in a rustic style, with massive timber beams and stone columns, and contains 15 bedrooms, all with patios, and 16 bathrooms. There is also an interior elevator. The decoration of the interior features mahogany wood and bronze hardware, as well as stained glass windows and a wood-burning fireplace. The master wing has a room set aside for grooming, while guest rooms open onto a courtyard with a reflecting pool and waterfall. Other amenities of the estate include a commercial kitchen, a fishing pond, a racquetball court, a sophisticated security system, heated hay barn and stables, steam room, a swimming pool, and a tennis court.
Maison de L'Amitie – $150 Million

The sprawling oceanfront 60,000-square foot compound, bought from Donald Trump in 2008, includes diamond and gold fixtures and a nearly 50 car garage
The Pinnacle Montana – $155 Million

Located in Montana, the Pinnacle is one of the top ten most expensive houses in the United States. Although it only occupies a relatively small area, its features give other larger estates a run for their money. Worth $155 million, this estate is the grandest home in the posh, exclusive neighborhood– the Yellowstone Club.

Elena Franchuk's Victorian Villa – $161 Million

Situated in London, United Kingdom, the Franchuk Villa is a 10-bedroom Victorian estate that costs $161 million. Named after owner Elena Franchuk, a Ukrainian businesswoman and philanthropist, the mansion recently went through a $16-million worth of renovation works. Before it was transformed into a home of massive proportions, it once served as an exclusive prep school for girls.

At five stories high, the villa features a panic room, private movie theater, sauna, gym and indoor swimming pool. Apart from its modern facilities, it is said that the antique artworks and expensive wood furnishings inside the house account for half the overall cost of the villa.

Fairfield Pond The Hamptons – $220 Million

Fairfield Pond, named after its adjacent body of water, is considered one of the top ten most expensive houses in the United States. Owned by businessman Ira Leon Rennert, this 66,000 square-foot property in the Hamptons of New York is valued at $198 million. Apart from having a bowling alley and basketball court
One Hyde Park Penthouse – $225 Million

With picturesque views of Central London, the Penthouse of Hyde Park in England is considered the priciest flat in the world. Costing an estimated $225 million, it is equipped with a wine-tasting room and a squash playground. Home to the rich and famous, the Penthouse is equipped with state-of-the-art security features, such as an eye scanner, panic room, and bulletproof windows.

Villa Leopolda – $750 Million

Valued at a whopping $750 million, Villa Leopolda is the second most expensive house in the world and considered the priciest mansion in all of Europe. Located in the French Riviera, it was built in 1902 by King Leopold II of Belgium, and is currently the property of Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, owner of the Brooklyn Nets.

Towering at 27 stories, it houses 19 bedrooms and requires 50 full-time gardeners to keep the spacious “backyard” well-maintained.  This property currently belongs to the Safra family, originally bought by banker Edmond Safra.

Antilla Mumbai – $1 Billion

The most expensive house in the world as of 2013 is the Antilia, a ‘odern home located in the urban neighborhood of Mumbai, India. It is the residence of Mukesh Ambani, the fifth richest man in the entire planet.

This 27-story palace is said to cost a jaw-dropping $1 billion! Its architecture follows the philosophy of “Vastu Shastra,” making the mansion a gateway of positive energy. The Antilia features everything any person could want in a home: a ballroom, a four-story garden, health floor with Jacuzzi, and a six-story parking space.