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The Cities that Never Sleeps by Priyanka ,  Jun 5, 2013
We all love to paint the town red; whether it’s fast-flowing drinks or easy women you’re after (or both), there’s nothing quite as brilliant as a night out on the town with your closest buddies. However, sometimes a trip to your local spit-and-sawdust bar just doesn’t cut the mustard -- after all, there’s only a certain amount of times you can chat up the same barmaid, play the same pool table and listen to the same faulty jukebox. Yes, sometimes a trip further afield is the only way to get the party truly started

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is nightclub mecca and every party hound must make a pilgrimage there at least once. The venues in Ibiza aren’t as much clubs as they are life experiences.

Nowhere else have I seen a stripper rock a saxophone solo hanging from the ceiling naked, or the blast of a wind tunnel built into a dance floor, or parade floats and foam dropped from the ceiling like it’s the Fourth of July indoors.

Enjoy the beach parties during the day, hit the hotel bars in the evening and dance to the best DJs in the world all night.

Sleep not recommended.

Best place to have an out-of-body techno experience: Shell out the extra money for the clubs in Ibiza Town (rather than San Antonio). They're worth it.

Montreal, Canada

If you are in for a long nightlife then Montreal is our answer. The second largest metropolis in Canada, Montreal is in at number 4 on our top 10 hot nightlife spots. The trendy disco bars, restaurants, theaters are just some of the mesmerizing offers that this city puts on the table. One of the hottest destinations for bachelor parties, Montreal puts its beloved visitors in the bliss of nightlife over a trendy atmosphere. No wonder visitors boast that Montreal offers a tinge of Las Vegas without your pockets getting emptied.

New York City

Although it’s not true that the “city never sleeps” (it’s usually done by 3 or 4 a.m., earliest on this list), New York City scores big simply because it offers something for everybody on any night of the week.

Warehouse parties in Brooklyn, mega-clubs in Meatpacking, trendy hipster joints in the East Village, hotel lounges, college bars, indie rock shows, loft parties, hip-hop and jazz, heavy metal and opera -- I could keep going but this article has a word limit.


The first rule of Barcelona is that you don’t stay on Las Ramblas. The second rule of Barcelona is that you don’t stay on Las Ramblas.

Don’t get sucked in by the guidebooks and pub crawls. The place is tourist hell: street vendors shilling fake watches, African prostitutes and gypsy pickpockets.

The truth is Barcelona rages hard, really hard. They don’t get going until well past 1 a.m. each night, but the good clubs are scattered throughout the north part of the city, a significant metro ride away.

Las Vegas, United States

Las Vegas is also called Sin City so it’s not surprising at all that here is the best and the most glamorous nightlife in the world. If you are looking for a crazy party till the morning, Las Vegas is the perfect destination for that. With incredible nightclubs and flashy casino-hotels on every corner, Vegas offers probably the craziest nightlife in the whole world. This city is also the most popular destination for bachelor parties for people from the whole world. But remember what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas
Buenos Aires, Argentina

The party metropolis, Buenos Aires slices itself into number 7 in our top 10 nightlife cities across the globe. An awkward kind of routine, bars doesn’t open until 12 or 1am and clubs open only around 2am, can make any party lover go crazy. No wonder Argentineans do not eat diner till around 11. Everything in Buenos Aires is being pushed back a few hours. So get ready to squeeze yourself into your favorite party shoes and prepare to have an elongated morning.
Dublin, Ireland

A town that teaches you to party the Irish way; Dublin is one of the coolest nightlife cities all around Europe. As the moon slowly finds its path across the sky, Dublin starts its journey giving the tourists a one of a kind experience. With its wide range of bars and dance floors, Dublin is one of the longest stops for every single person who is visiting Europe

Bangkok has grown into the most popular Asian capital and a great place to party. Gorgeous rooftop bars, rock bars, dance clubs, trendy pubs – there’s definitely something for everyone. Those who want to experience the traditional Bangkok need to visit the Grand Palace, which once was the residence of Thai kings.

London, United Kingdom

While Brits are known for their stiff upper lips, there’s nothing remotely stiff about clubbing in London (apart from the numerous members standing at attention at superclub G.A.Y., of course). From the fashionable haunts of Mayfair to the rough ‘n’ ready pubs of Camden, London is rampant with those with an appetite for a good time. If you’re on the hunt for local celebrities, head to Boujis in swish South Kensington, the favorite club of British princes William and Harry. While the discreet members-only venue may be one of the hardest places in the city to gain access to, inside is a world of high-earning splendor, with hedge-fund managers clinking champagne flutes with couture-clad society girls. If you're bounced back at the entrance, head to the equally fabulous Mahiki or Cuckoo Club, both of which omit the same hedonistic vibe.
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