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1. Make sure you have Keeppy opened in a browser window. Use the following link: Login to your account if prompted by the system. 2. Empty browser cache. The following link outlines step by step procedure: How to Clear Cache in Chrome Browser 3. Remove the existing plugin. Right click on the Keeppy icon Select Manage Extensions Find Keeppy extension in the list. You will need to click on the wastebasket to remove Keeppy extension. The wastebasket icon will not appear until you move the mouse closer to the Keeppy extension. Click to confirm removal 4. Install new Keeppy plugin. Go to the browser window where you have Keeppy open. If you do not have it opened, click on the following link and login if required. Find a red link on the top of the browser window: "Install Keeppy Plugin". Click on the link. If you do not see this link please click on the browser refresh button, the link will appear and you will be able to click on it Click Add You will get the followin
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